About US

Spillman Contracting was founded in 2004 by me, Jeremy Spillman.

Home-building started off as a childhood dream. As a kid I preferred to take the long way home through upper scale neighborhoods. The architecture and overall beauty was fascinating. I knew I wanted to be a part of the whole process, and quickly realized I wanted to be a contractor.

I have a knack for design and am eager to fine tune the trades of craftsmen, I set out on that childhood dream.  I started out building decks, doing smaller projects, and then quickly got my first loan and started building homes.  This was a true learning experience as everything I had was on the line and the economy took a quick turn for the worse.  This was a humbling experience for my family.  It opened my eyes and helped me mature as  both a family man and a young entrepreneur.

home contractor columbia missouriI realize now more then ever how much of a blessing it is to be a part of this community.  My kids go to good schools, we live in a safe community that offers all of the needs of a large city with the convenience of a small town, we have  great churches, we are all truly blessed.  When the economy was at it’s lowest point, we were still working, and still are.  I am proud to say that last year was our best year on record, and I look forward to continue to serve the needs of my fellow Missourians.  My beautiful wife and I also look forward to watching our now three kids, Noah, Emma, and Brooklyn flourish in our great community.